Таран - 1988 - Зеленият шлифер

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изпълнител:  Таран
албум: Зеленият шлифер
година: 1988
носител: MC; CD
издател: new mind studio, AON

1. Кой ли тука чука
2. Един поп си имал куче
3. Мила моя, хубава
4. Зеленият шлифер
5. Ухилено ухо

Recording and cover design by
New Mind Studio

Записите са направени през лятото на 1988, в читалище "Иван Вазов" Варна.
Красимир Петков (Коце) - B.V.
Красимир Торийски (Къце) - Dr.
Виолин Станкович (М. Пингвин) - G.V. (гост музикант) 
Текст & музика - Таран 
*текст и музика В. Станкович

Албумът е издаден и на CD през 2001 г., като split с група Аборт, също от Варна. 

TARAN on the other hand were more sophisticated punks, more like the classic 77 punks, not trying to be THAT shocking. They were mostly a studio band that got up once the idea to record something and... hey ho... they recorded 5 songs of catchy punk rock. The band members were (Krassimir P. - bass, voc, Krassimir T. - drums and Violin S. - guit, voc.) There were released as a tape and sold a few copies, getting some recognition and airplay in Underground radio stations in the West. I'm not sure they ever played live and soon after recordings this in summer 1988 the band split up. So... this CD contains 2 totally unknown bands from Bulgaria... that are not your average soapy "USA/MTV happy punk" stuff, so enjoy them, play the CD and praise the glorious 80's! Rock on!
                                                           Ivailo and Sveto

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