Тъмно - 1994 - Тъмно

(7 гласа)
Тъмно - 1994 Тъмно - 1994
изпълнител:  Тъмно
албум: Тъмно
година: 1994
носител: MC
издател: Unison


01. They Have Gathered Again
02. Untitled
03. Bye
04. Save
05. Dances
06. Keep
07. ***
08. Instumental
09. Something 


Васил Русев (Чайката)– китара, вокали, синтезатори;
Деян Драгиев – барабани;
Боян Златков – бас.

Всички композиции са на групата;
Продуцент: Unison International PLC;
Музикален продуцент: Румен Бояджиев;
Тон режисьор: "Емкиша";
Албумът е записан и смесен в 5-то студио
в периода януари - април 1994г.
Дизайн: Чавдар Григоров;
Снимки: Мартин Чичов;
Шрифт: Борислав Григоров

 Lyrics :

They Have Gathered Again

They Have Gathered Again


Feel my outcry, against the silence
hiding hopes, full of empty ways.
Touch that being - vicious outset
of unshapely sticky anger.
Ref: Be breeding. I can save you I can follow you.
Be my prayer into the temple, my airy temple.
Take my flatness, cure my meanness,
weeping with dry, marble eyes.
Hold these outcast shadows, pale reflections
of old unexpressed uncertainties. 

We cry, we pray ...
Feel how my souls laughing
Temple, life ...


I drowned in shadows of memories,
for their soul I looked again,
reject the time, forgot today,
the future turns into remains.
Into my eyes solitude sobbed out,
I banished it and saw through empty voids,
here again I’m reading in my thoughts,
and melting in a whispered truth.

Ref: Bye, dying voices, sleep until the end
Bye crying faces, to you my solitude I send.
The tears are hidden in a senseless laughter,
but here, not in timelessness beyond,
I’m sitting and I keep silent, in order 
not to call the past.


She has told me,
that my dreams are lost
in frayed spaces
sent inside depraving host.
and that wishes can’t come true
they are strangled by distorting doom.

Seeded in my thoughts
nights fuse into deathlessness,
worn out fingers,
rummage through their absurd fears
Ref: Save me, from that empty daily grind
my mind curves mad.
Lonely, I’m so lonely in your leer,
my tears lie dead.
I’m roaming without shelter now,
and nothing can retrieve my heart
I’m wailing deep in you.
I had trust in you
understood you can not feel
that stained visions
will forever be unreal.

And their whispers pass away.
They turn slowly to unsodied spray.



Dust, gulfs, torpid shades
dying sun’s giving face to me.
Voiceless souls, straying looks,
dreams are lost in their nooks.
Ref: I’m dancing with eyes,
buried in my blinding sky.
Hands are full of lies
all my groans are cries
searching I’ll not find the cleansing way
only to my own can I truly pray.

Frozen Earth, wishes fail,
rotten hope tries to sail the vast
Endless wake astral flight
time for break, loose my sight
Ref: ...


Their abstract notions
erase your dusty trace,
their dumb suggestions
veer yet outlined ways in your vain castles in the air.
Their formless candour
bends your shaken will,
adsorbs the future
and makes the past unreal, turns into greyness
Ref: They are so angry
thinking is wicked
stay, ax emotions
craving for freedom, lying dead everywhere
Keep your memories,
don't take away their silence,
keep your mind atrophy,
from griping you heart.
Don’t sell the unknown,
mistrusted affected aims
dishonoured patience
turns unconscious harms into a revolt.

Ref: ...

* * *
You must fight for all that
money can’t buy,
only fighting can be reason
for life.

Transposing your pale feature,
years are stealing from your thoughts,
transmitting the existence,
they are leading you on unknown roads
Ref: You will touch with eyes
their ruined souls,
you’ll see with hands
unbounded walls,
a tortured smile dying under their cold step
this is the time till your rebirth
it will smile dear.
See dying marble hands
are creeping in transparent sky,
don’t wait for them,
just give the roads you coloured cry.


/about the dead things in our minds/
Full of pain, my glowing eyes
will detonate at every moment,
out of my heart are bursting universes
and are going down in fire screams.
Deadly rumble is calling me,
buried the hands which lost the feelings
and bringing the smell of loneliness,
suppressed in the distance.
Ref: Something’s giving me a sign,
something that creeps you inside,
something dancing in my mind.
Countless number of faces
are enveloping through the years crying souls
awaken by the puff of dumb beats,
lost their way in the night.
And from the soiled rust on their wings
was born the moan of the stone,
forgotten in the fire, burning the white blots
on the body of the silence.

Ref: ...
Something that makes the icons cry.
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+1 #1 Иван Р 05-06-2012 14:19
От обложката липсва малка част в задната страна с текстовете и страничната част. Моля, ако някой разполага със цялата обложка, нека да я сподели с нас. Благодаря!

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