Herman's Wolf Band - 1998 - IV

(2 гласа)
изпълнител:  Herman's Wolf Band
албум: IV
година: 1998
носител: CD, MC (Cassette)
издател: Riva Sound
кат.№: RSCD-3053; RS-0294


1. Demon's Ways (Nestorov - Namliev) - 3:57
2. Free Spirit (Petkov - Namliev) - 5:12
3. An Eastern Mood ... (Nestorov) - 3:39
4. ... Moves the Existention (of) ... (Namliev) -1:11
5. ... the Mahler's Samadhi. (Mahler, arr. Namliev) - 1:04
6. How You're Doing Man (Adamis - Somld) - 2:28
7. Big Wild Joe (Nestorov) - 2:56
8. Doo Doo Song (Nestorov) - 2:53
9. Idle Words Written on a Cloudy Sky (Philipov - Namliev) - 3:53
10. Night Rainbow (Namliev) - 7:06
11. Hard Rock Man (Phiiipov) - 2:53
12. Something Like ... (Namliev) - 2:03
13. ... a Hypothetical ... (Namliev) - 1:48
14. ... Permanent Violence ... (Namliev) - 3:16
15. ... Turns Back My Spoonk (to) ... (Namliev) - 1:13
16. ... Something Like Reprise and Coda. (Namliev) - 2:47
17. Empty Eyeballs (Namliev) - 1:11
18. Reykjavik (Namliev) - 3:40
19. Black Soul Blues (Namliev) - 2:39

Bonus Tracks (Remastered Edition):
20. Keep on Rockin' (HWB) - 4:00 from Herman's Wolf Band I
21. The Wolf (Petkov) - 3:04 from An Essey Towards ...
22. The Rhytm and The Blues (Namliev) - 4:31 from Hermaneutics
23. Too Late (HWB) - 4:45 from Herman's Wolf Band I

℗ 1998 CITY Studio, Sofia Bulgaria
© 1998 RIVA SOUND Reckords

обложка на CD изданието:

обложка на MC изданието:


on the Photo (from left to right):
Alexander Petkov - Guitars
Dimitar (Doockie) Philipov - Lead Vocals
Ivan Nestorov - 6-String Bass, Ac. Guitar on „Doo Doo Song" & Vocals
Yavor Alexandrov - Drums & Percussions
Hristo Namliev - Hammond Organ, Piano, Rhodes, Clavinet, Mellotron,
Analogue and Digital Synthesizers, Flute & Vocals

    Something Like

Something like a blues
  is the smile of Holiday,
Something like a knife,
  like a flower in the rain,
Something like a candle
  in empty room,
Something like an apple
  that you found it on the ground,
Something like being
  a farmer on empty barn,
Something like a dream,
  something like a verse
  or even like romance.
Something like words
  spread all over the place,
Something like a nightmare
  an' something like a cry
  or just as if you were not there,
Something like desire
that board to set the world on fire.
That's what I want take you too!

"Empty Eyeballs" knew
That knowledge increases unreality, that
"Mirror on mirror mirrored is   all the Show"                    
W. B. Yeats 
"How You're Doing Man" is a son 
of the Hungarian band Locomotiv
GT from their album "USA" '74,
arranged by HWB.
"Mahler's Samadhi" is a free
interpretation of Gustav Mahler's
Symphony No. 4, second movement
"Black Soul Blues" is a song about
all good, fat and rich white men,
pretending to be black men in
Alabama - before the Civil war.
"Big Wild Joe" is dedicated to all the
horses that carried Garry Cooper,
John Wayne and Goyko Mitic on
their backs. 
The "Eastern Mood" is like the eastern
beer - you should be careful with it.
"Reykjavik" is a cold city, where we're
gonna wake up someday.
"Permanent Violence" is a permanent
violence in 7/8 "Spoonk" I know what
that is, but I'm not telling you!
"Hard Rock Man" is ... who the f.
has come up with this silly title. The
sounds at the beginning of
"Night Rainbow" are the desperad howls of tired wolves. 

FeaturingNevena Velinska:
Vocals & Violin on "Big Wild Joe" & "Hypothetical"     

Kalin Panayotov:
Oboe on "Reykjavik"

Michail Yossifov:
Trumpet on "Night Rainbow"

Vesselin Trayanov:
Ac. guitar on "Hypothetical"

Bisser Ivanov (allegro):
Ac. guitar on "Idle words..."

Drums on "The wolf" & "The rhytm & the blues"

Theodor Tihin:
Drums on "Keep on Rockin' " & "Too    late"

All lyrics by D. Philipov, exc. "How You're..."

Produced by CITY studio, Sofia
Recorded at SKY studio, Sofia between 24. III. and 15. XI. 1998 Recording engineers: Hristo Namliev and Ivan Gradinarov Mixing engineers:

Hristo Namliev and Boyko Petkov

Boyko Petkov and Hristo Namliev Band photos - Elena Nenkova Cover design - Blestan Tabakov &  Hristo Namliev, Evelina Petkova, Dimitar Gurev                                                    
Грйпата благоаари на:

Тони, Еци, Росен и Янко;
Тихомира Трифонова, Нина
(с тарамбуката), Весела Чернева
и Франк Акерман, Антони Георгиев -
Тонто ("Сленг"), Виктор („Киора"),
Краси („Алфа"), Сашо („Бисквитките"),
Наско („Инфинити"), Димитър Кърнев
(„Сленг"), Веселин Траянов („Поп корн"),
Бисер Иванов („Алегро"), Александър Кулев,
Искър и Мира Специални благодарности
на: Елена Ненкова, Калин Панайотов,
Блестан Табаков и екипа на Рекламна къща
„Братя Табакови", Николай Руневски, Валери Шварц; най-вече на Бойко и Иван, както и на Сашо, който се ожени без да ни покани на сватбата.

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