Pyromania - 1997 - Ignored

(3 гласа)
Pyromania - Ignored (1997) Pyromania - Ignored (1997)
изпълнител:  Pyromania
албум: Ignored
година: 1997
носител: MC
издател: B.D.C.
кат.№: BDC MC 1289

Ignored - 3:35
Dummy - 3:09
T-75 - 2:40
Movies - 3:18
Travel house - 2:45

Machine - 3:42
Our cage - 5:17
Missing files - 3:13
Two months - 3:47
War of nerves (instrumental) - 1:30
Alien macho - 2:12
Smell - 4:15

Pyromania are:

Petko DRENIKOV - guitars, synth
Dimiter VASILEV / NUFRY / - vokals, guitars
Vasil VUTEV - drums, perc
Boyan ZLATKOV / EPPE / - bass

guests: Nikky Pantchev - bass on missing files and war of nerves
Milena J. - vocals on alien macho
Rada, Boby, Marto, Milena J. - back vocals on our cage

All Songs are writen by Pyromania
Produced by Roumen Boyadjiev and Pyromania
Engineered by Anatoly, Georgi, Todor
Recorded at studio 1S, NDK Sofia
Mastered by Roumen Boyadjiev

©1997 Bogdanov Distributing Company Ltd.
℗1997 Bogdanov Distributing Company Ltd.
©℗ Design Bogdanov Distributing Company Ltd.
Distributed by Bogdanov Distributing Company Ltd.

IGNORED It was a beautiful summer day He stood on the porch with the dog He spoke to him about the world About the problems today... And say... Where is this simple thing That makes me feel so happy Where is my favorite song I can't find it, I can't even sing it... Ya, ain't no good I can't bite anymore... Via, ain't no right I killed the killer in me Oh, I wish you the same and now I hate you much more I don't remember your name, but I remember your first step What a beautiful summer day What a beautiful What a beautiful summer day What a beautiful He is notion the porch today DUMMY Dummy... I did your orders like nobody did Dummy... We worked for your ambitions night and day And like the Dummy said, that it would be So good and we couldn't stop Oh.. Dummy I didn't want to disappoint you Dummy... You were starshine everywhere Oh.. Dummy, if you could hear what they said Behind your door But you always told me That in your cage there's no bird Who can fly And you know That I just-found it Some of them just can fly T-75 It was about two o'clock in the morning And I suddenly woke up Because I heard strange noises downstairs From the kitchen And I was very frightened I went there and I saw Two men speaking Burglars, I thought And immediately, I called the police Of course, the police cap quickly And got into my car... house With a special key And after that I heard the police officer told me It's all right, mister Well turn on your television for you And, of course, after that It was not the same ELECTRIC EYES We got to know 'bout silence We got to know 'bout us We got to know 'bout freedom We got to know 'bout you Can we live in the desert?... Or can we live in the jungle with... ? With all those lights We didn't know what would happen We just knew that we wanted it right now We sold our house and now is so quiet We can't go back, or turn it all around We wanted you to see us how we'd started ¡And we wanted you to give us many things And -now all around us is lightning And now. all around us are electric eyes With all those lights Electric eyes around us MOVIES You are the one who you've always wanted to be And you go there wherever you want to go You take everything that you want to take You are the good guy and your bullets never end! But moyies end Here you stand On this chair Understand I wanna be with you forever And I want your spotlights for me, too I want to be strong like you And never drive my car alone But movies end Here you stand On this chair Understand But movies end Here you stand On this chair Here comes the end I'm cinema freak TRAVEL HOUSE I saw them in their travel house And I hope that they will say - you'll come with us 'Cause I have written it an the wall 'Cause in all this time one thing I know I want to have the pass for you And more, and more... hush, hush, quick steps I make... Hush, hush, everything I take Now I know everything about you Now I can take th| wheel to rule And every single part i'll mend Today is not the day for help... chorus... 'Cause I want to be a hero Now i'm the owner of the house But someone's scratching at the door Oh, I hope that they will say hello But they said that it was written on the wall You gotta, you gotta You gotta know what day's today I could be someone That's all that I know I could be a hero Just like Mr. Bowie said I ¡could be a hero That's all that I wanted I could be a hero; Just for one day MACHINE Now your machine is working Now everything is perfect You can control everything The people who work for you... I'm not a part of your machine I'm not afraid, can't you see! I'm not a part of your machine I'm not working Today pur machine is not working Today even you are broken You can't control everything anymore Nobody's afraid of you And everybody forgets your name I did Everything for you I did, I did it for you I w|s dying for you And I was blind for you... chorus... OUR CAGE Well l stayed at home And I got the usually "lazy for a while" I lay so long between the sheets of magazines an| full ashtrays Asked myself many questions Of course I didn't answer because... Oh it's such a cliche taken from the movies Yes, I don't tr|st myself Am I liar or could I be a betrayer Yes, yes, they 'said It's normal just look at the screen and relax You are my inspiration for those reefs If i were someone it would make me just more popular m I thank you! We paint apocalyptic pictures Our faith don't need no preachers Love is a very heavy duty "Ego" we don't need the key of our cage I miss the sunny weather Where is my girlfriend, I miss her. too Should I think about new reef Yes, ill think about it... chorus... MISSING FILES In my little mind Sometimes but only sometimes Passing a little light A chain I unknown words In my program And pictures full of life In my program Creeping: between the lies I'm your product I'm your little boy I'm the secret place where you can hide your plans for the future My trajectory is directed as you wish... chorus... Jus; one more injection and ill make you smile Well, now I understand... kid You have decided to touch The things that you never had- But you don't know the rules And you must learn them TWO MONTHS Nothing really happened two months ago Nothing really happened and I am on the road Nothing really mattered two months ago Nothing really happened but you are really gone Nothing really happened two months ago Nothing really happened and I am on the road Nothing really mattered two months ago Nothing really happened but you are really gone Nothing really mattered two months ago WAR OF NERVES instrumental ALIEN MACHO Alien macho... He's coming to get you You should drink it all:. Give in to him, give in to him I've waited for you so long; Don't care about what'd be done Just take me with you It couldn't be one night stand Don't stop it now There's no secret place Where you cap hide your wishes from him Just take me with you(2) SMELL Smiling face Few good friends Here I am It's good to feel that it's not a dream I won't go home now And what a smell, it makes me feel so well Let me introduce you to the sunny day I didn't scream for help These were the things that I held When I floated into it Come with me and feel the air around Now follow me This is the place Where you can put your anger to'!'sleep We don't need to pull the trigger It wouldn't work no more So we found our place We've got backstage It's like a schoolboy dream Trie door is open wide The track is great And we'll play it everywhere... chorus... It's good to feel that it's not a dream

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